Finance Approval

We deal with over 40 finance companies and over 400 different loan products.

In most cases we are paid by the finance companies – not by you. This means you’ll receive a customised loan from a leading provider but with the added benefit of the personalised, long term customer service provided by us.

In many cases we are able to obtain interest rates and discounts for you that you would not otherwise obtain had you gone directly to the bank or financial institution.

Our loan process

One of our consultants will assist you with choosing the most appropriate finance product to match your particular requirements. They will also assist in filling out the application form.

Depending on what you are financing, we can generally get an indicative approval within a few hours to a few days (depending on the asset and the particular financier).

All our lending consultants have full accreditation with the MIAA and have AMC status.

If you have not yet found the asset that you wish to buy, we can arrange pre-approval on your behalf. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have money available as soon as you find the asset that you wish to buy.

Our pre-approval process is obligation-free.

Click Here to view the ‘Approval Process Map’.

For fast, simple and easy finance approval, contact Intelligent Finance today.

Finance Approval From Intelligent Finance Is Easy
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