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Promotion 1:

Save up to $1,000 when you buy a property or refinance your home loan.

Intelligent Finance will reinburse the lenders application fee after settlement for the first 20 people to apply for a new home loan or refinance an exisitng one.

Promotion 2:


If you are buying a property or looking to re-finance an exisiting loan, it is always important to do a credit check on yourself to ensure there are no adverse marks.

If there are, at least you will have time to get them removed or paid before appying for finance.

We have a special for all the people who have clicked through on our QR barcode.

We will arrange for a same day credit check for an individial for $22 (including GST).

(Saving you over $30 on the normal $55 price).

Either call our office now on 02 9300 6699 or complete the form below and request the $22 credit report and a representative from our office will contact you.

(please also leave your contact details so that we can send you future promotions).

To learn more about how Intelligent Finance can help you to purchase or refinance your loans, please click here to view our website.

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