Commercial Property

Whether you are buying a strata office, a commercial building or developing a building from scratch, Intelligent Finance is the ideal partner to arrange your finance.

We deal with over 40 lenders (including all the majors) and we are well versed in the different terms each offers, as well as their lending requirements. Armed with this knowledge, Intelligent Finance can identify which is the most appropriate lender for your requirements in terms of the commercial property loan’s structure, terms and rates.

There are many traps that even experienced commercial property owners fall into when borrowing money for commercial properties. You can avoid these pitfalls by drawing on our expertise in this important area.

Contact the team at Intelligent Finance today to arrange commercial property finance with the terms, structure and rates that are most favourable for your requirements.

We're here to help.

Contact the team at Intelligent Finance who can provide friendly guidance and professional advice in relation to all aspects of commercial finance.

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