Industrial Property

Industrial properties are not regarded as the most favoured security by lenders. They have limited uses and can be hard to rent out, so lenders are extremely cautious when considering industrial properties as security. It is therefore important that your finance application is presented in the best possible light to ensure it has the highest chance of being approved. For your benefit, it is also vitally important that your loan is set up with the most favourable structure and competitive interest rates.

We deal with over 40 lenders (including all the majors) and we are familiar with the various terms and requirements of each, in particular in relation to loans for industrial property. Intelligent Finance will represent you in your dealings with each of the lenders and we can work out which is the most appropriate lender based on structure, terms and rates for your industrial property loan.

Because of our expertise, we can help you avoid the many traps that even experienced industrial property owners fall into when borrowing money for this purpose.

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