Trade and Stock Loans

Many businesses that fail do so due to poor cash flow, not necessarily poor profits.

If you feel your business could achieve a higher profit by buying more stock, a Trade and Stock loan is possibly the right solution for you.

When you source product internationally, supplier agreements, terms of trade and payment arrangements rarely conform to any one single standard.

With a correctly structured Trade and Stock Loan, it is fast and easy for your business to pay for imported goods without the need for Letters of Credit, Telegraphic Transfers and any other traditional methods of payment.

A Trade and Stock Loan gives you substantial international buying power. It also means that your assets are not tied up unnecessarily to secure the debt. Intelligent Finance can arrange for your facility to be pre-approved to a fixed purchasing limit.

With it, you’re free to trade as frequently as necessary up to that limit. Intelligent Finance works with several lenders that specialise in this field, so we can work out which is the most appropriate lender and facilitate the loan approval for you.

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