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One of the best tools in business and investing is to use leverage (borrowing of money) to enable you to achieve your goals faster and to preserve as much cash as possible.

Besides improving your cashflow, there are certain tax benefits that can be gained by borrowing money compared with paying cash.
Intelligent Finance brokers can advise you if you would be better off borrowing or paying cash for your next purchase, which simplifies the process of reaching your goals as soon as possible.

Our expertise and knowledge will provide you with some clarity to help you make the right decisions for your goals.

Contact Intelligent Finance today and draw on our expert guidance and advice in your next finance decision.

Other Finance:

Car Finance: The team at Intelligent Finance has helped many clients to buy cars, utes and trucks over the years.

Equipment Finance: By borrowing to buy equipment, businesses can upgrade earlier and can buy the right equipment for their business instead of buying the cheapest equipment.

Fleet Finance: If your company buys several vehicles each year, you are likely to benefit from a fleet finance facility arranged through Intelligent Finance.

Insurance Premium Funding: Many insurance companies require their policies to be paid in one lump sum each year. This causes a cash flow problem for companies who would prefer to pay the premium in monthly instalments.

Investment Seminars: Intelligent Finance’s Managing Director, Justin Doobov often speaks at seminars on topics such as finance, property and how to build a business without using conventional advertising.

Margin Lending: Share investment is a staple investment strategy that many Australians have used to create wealth. The more assets you have invested in the right stocks in the share market, the higher your potential investment returns can be.

Property Syndicates: Intelligent Finance has a very diverse client base and many clients have expressed an interest in investing in projects with others.

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