Margin Lending

Share investment is a staple investment strategy that many Australians have used to create wealth. The more assets you have invested in the right stocks in the share market, the higher your potential investment returns can be.

If you only have limited cash resources or if you want to allocate part of your cash in other places, then a margin loan can assist you with your asset accumulation.

If you hold or are buying a parcel of shares then Intelligent Finance may be able to arrange a loan against these shares up to 80% of the value of the shares held. This enables you to have more assets in the share market without the full cash outlay.

Caution must be taken when using leverage this way as margin loans are subject to margin calls if the value of your assests fall in value. Intelligent Finance can disucuss the pros and cons about this type of investment strategy and refer you to the appropriate adviser so you can get the right advice.

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