Low Document Loans

Low document loans are popular with many self employed people who either do not have tax returns completed at the time they need finance, or their historical income does not give a true reflection of their current income.

Most lenders offer some form of a low document loan and there is a huge difference between the information that each lender requires. For example, some just need your current year’s BAS statements, some need letters from your accountant, some only need to see your past month’s trading bank statement, and some only require you to sign a declaration of income.

It is extremely important that a low document loan application is structured correctly to ensure it has the highest chance of being approved. An Intelligent Finance broker will always take the time to fully understand your financial position to ensure that when we prepare your loan submission, any potential questions the lender’s credit team may have are already addressed in the original application.

To maximise the likelihood of success with your low document loan application, talk to one of the experienced brokers at Intelligent Finance today.

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