Obtaining finance pre-approval is the most important thing to do before you go shopping for your new property.

Just like you don’t go to the supermarket without checking you have your wallet, it can be a waste of time to go looking at properties if you do not know whether or not you can get the finance.

Many of our clients have saved tens of thousands off the purchase price of their property by having their finance pre-approved. This was because they were able to move quickly to secure the property before other buyers had a chance.

Intelligent Finance offers two types of pre-approvals.

  1. 30 minute pre-approval: This gives you a guide to how much different lenders will lend you. It outlines the statistical chances that different lenders will lend you money for the type of property you are wanting to buy.
  2. Full pre-approval: In this case, a full and detailed application is prepared and submitted to the lender. The lender carries out all necessary enquiries regarding employment, credit and income checks etc. In this way, your loan has the highest chance of being approved once you locate your desired property.

While we deal with over 40 lenders, we are very careful to arrange your pre-approval via the correct lender in order to ensure the highest chance of your approval being honoured once you locate your property. [People are often referred to us who have previously gone directly to a lender or to another broker, and who have been disappointed to discover that the approval they thought they had is not honoured. In this situation, we are often called upon to rescue the clients at the eleventh hour which we are happy to do, but it would have been far less stressful on the client to have secured the pre-approval with the right lender in the first place.]

Another important reason for having your loan fully pre-approved is that important checks are done upfront, such as credit and employment checks just to name a few. If there are any issues, finding out about them at the pre-approval stage will allow enough time to resolve them before you buy your property.

We have helped many clients negotiate the purchase price and also helped bid at auction. The savings we have made for clients have ranged from a few thousand dollars to over $300,000.

Buying a property is one of the most important transactions you are likely to make in your lifetime. Contact Intelligent Finance today for expert advice and friendly guidance, to make the pre-approval process as streamlined, simple and effective as possible.

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