Approval Process Map

Generic application filled in.

Our consultant works out the best loan structure and which institution to use, and discusses this with the client.

Client signs the respective banks application forms (if applicable).

Application is lodged with the financier for pre-approval.

(pre-approval generally takes between a few hours and 4 days – depending on the financier).

Subject to bank pre-approval, the Client receives an indicative approval letter from the financier.

Once the client finds their desired property, car, or other asset that they are purchasing, the financier will value it, and subject to all other criteria being satisfied, the bank issues a full approval letter to the client

The Banks solicitors will then prepare and forward the letter of offer / mortgage documents to the client.

Client signs and returns the documents to the banks solicitors, and a settlement date is booked in.

The amount borrowed is paid and the asset now becomes the property of the client.

Client is happy with the service offered by Intelligent Finance that they refer their friends and family.

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