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Intelligent Finance’s Managing Director, Justin Doobov often speaks at seminars on topics such as finance, property and how to build a business without using conventional advertising. Seminar audiences range from first home buyers to astute investors and companies wanting to learn the art of building a top business by providing market leading service.

Seminars for existing and potential clients are held throughout the year. Topics can be tailored for specific audiences, for example, companies who want their employees to learn more about a particular area of finance.

Finance topics include:

  • mortgage minimisation
  • what the banks don’t want you to know
  • selecting the best loan product
  • when to use finance instead of cash, and
  • introduction to the property market for First Home Buyers.

We also conduct training sessions for Real Estate Agents to educate them on the current ‘appetite’ of lenders and also about the type of properties and clients that the lenders are interested in financing. These seminars help agents focus on the type of properties they should be listing, or the type of questions they should be asking prospective buyers to prevent chasing buyers who are unlikely to be in a position to borrow.

Justin Doobov is one of the most awarded mortgage brokers in the industry. His presentations are always full of great up-to-date content that can help make clients money by learning about or applying the many concepts he discusses.

Contact Intelligent Finance today to find out about our range of upcoming investment seminars designed to help our clients excel financially and in business.


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